CG Principle

The Company is fully aware, and gives all its attention to the “Good Corporate Governance”. The Company believes that the good corporate governance reflects the efficient and transparent management system, which will help promoting the confidence of the Shareholders, investors and all parties involved and will ultimately lead to a sustainable growth of the Company and an increase in value. The Company has continuously encourages the implementation of good corporate governance by advising the directors and the management to develop good corporate governance and the practices in accordance with the international standards. This is done by following the good corporate governance, as directed by the Stock Exchange of Thailand, and adapts it to the Company’s corporate governance. Measures are taken to further improve the said policies in accordance with the guidelines of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, which me change in the future to be better suited for the evolving environment of the Company. The practices cover 5 categories as follows;

1. Shareholders’ Rights

The Company is fully aware and gives its utmost attention to the rights of the Shareholders. This is shown by not taking any actions which may violate or reduce the rights of the Shareholders, including encouraging the Shareholders to use their rights. The basic rights of the Shareholders are, trading or transferring shares, sharing profits with the Company, receiving sufficient information about the Company, attending the meetings to use their rights to vote for appointing or removing the directors, appoints the auditors and any issues which have a direct impact to the Company for example, dividend allocation, setting or amending the regulations and the Memorandum of association, decreasing or increasing the capital and authorizing special transactions.

The Company has the policy to promote conveniency for the shareholders, including the institutional investors by holding the meeting in the place with sufficient access from the public transport so that the shareholders can easily attend the meetings. The Company always provides information, dates, time, place and agendas including all relevant information for making decisions to the Shareholders prior to the meeting and also notifies the shareholders about all the requirements, as well as the voting procedures. The Company encourages the Shareholders to exercise their rights to fully attend the meeting and to vote, and also to express their opinions and raise any questions relating to the Company in the meeting. The Shareholders may also submit the inquiries or agendas prior to the meeting. The Shareholders may also appoint a proxy to attend the meeting in the case of their absence.

2. Equal Practice to Shareholders

The Company treats all shares holders fairly and equally, no matter the Shareholders who are Executives, non – Executive, foreign Shareholders and minor shareholders which reinforce the confidence in the shareholders that the board and the management has taken great care in the spending of the shareholders funds which is the main factor in creating the confidence for investing with the Company. The Board of Directors holds the responsibility to make sure that all shareholders are treated fairly and that all their basic rights have been met equally.

The Board of Directors have arranged for the Shareholders Meeting in a way that encourages equal practice to all shareholders and give the chance even for minor shareholders to propose any individuals to take the position as directors, prior to the meeting and in an appropriate time frame. The Company also allows the shareholders who cannot attend the meeting themselves to let their proxies attend the meeting, and also have the rights to vote in their stead.

The Board of Directors has stated the methods to protect and prevent the use of the internal information in writings and will announce this as guidelines for all members of the organization.

3. Stakeholders’ Roles

The Company is fully aware of its responsibility and practices to different groups of stakeholders and will seek the mutual benefits so that all groups of stakeholders can be confident that there rights will be fully protected and well exercised. This has been set as a guideline to follow in order to clearly meet the demands of all groups of the stakeholders as stated in the “Code of Conducts and Business Ethics” and will promote the Board of Directors, the management team including the workers to regard this as the fundamental principles for working in the Company and to take it as the important responsibility for all members.

4. Information Disclosure and Transparency

The Company prioritizes the disclosing of all important information relating to the Company, both financial and non-financial information through an accurate, complete, on-time and transparent channel which is easy to access, fair and respectable.

The Company believes that the quality of the financial related reports is something that the shareholders and the outside information give the utmost importance to, the Board of Directors will make sure that all the information displayed in the financial reports are accurate and follow the general standard accounting practices and have been evaluated by an independent auditor. The Company has appointed the Audit Committee, which consists of independent directors who takes responsibility for the quality of the financial report and the internal control. The Board of Directors’ reports, Audit Committee’s report and the auditor’s reports are all presented in the Annual Repot.

5. Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has the vital role of overseeing the operation to ensure the benefits of the Company. The Board of Directors takes action in place of the shareholders and is independent from the management.

The Board of Directors must have leadership, visions and can make an independent decision for the benefits of the Company and for the shareholders. In order to do so, the system is in place to clearly separate the responsibilities between the Board of Directors and the management, and to ensure that all of the Company’s activities proceed in a lawful and ethical way.

The Board of Directors consists of personnel with various qualifications, not only skills and experiences but also specialized talents that are useful to the Company, including their devotion and dedication to strengthen the Company and the Board of Directors.

The procedure to elect the Board of Directors, so that they can be appointed by the shareholders, have been done transparently with no influences of the shareholders or from the management team and is assuring to the outside individuals.

To ensure that the Board of Directors can work efficiently and the effectively, the Board of Directors had asked for the Audit Committee to help supporting the directors in the area of financial reports, internal control system’s efficiency and executing the rules, regulations and all codes of ethics to promote good corporate governance.

Each director has a good understanding of their responsibilities as Board of Directors and to operate the Company, always ready to share their opinions independently and constantly improve themselves to adapt to the modern times. The Board of the Directors holds this position with honesty, carefully and thoughtfully by considering the benefits of the Company and being fair to all shareholders, giving all information fully and completely.